The Alpine Soil Partnership (AlpSP)

The Alpine Soil Partnership (AlpSP) joins forces of soil experts and the users of soil knowledge (authorities, practitioners, NGO’s, etc.) to introduce soil protection in land management practices better and promotes Alpine-wide cooperation on soil protection & soil ecosystem services management. AlpSP links experts on horizontal and vertical levels: Public authorities and soil experts have the opportunity to understand gaps & needs of soil conservation better to integrate solutions and created tools in their day-to-day work as a new standard. Fragmented soil knowledge will be linked and reconciled at the transnational level.

The AlpSP Memorandum of Understanding

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Operationalisation of the Alpine Soil Partnership:

Adoption of the Memorandum on strategies for an improved implementation of the Alpine Convention Soil Conservation Protocol. Improved and applied soil knowledge for better integration of soil-based ecosystem services in management and decision-making.

Establishment of a formal long-lasting AlpSP will strengthen alpine soil management and protection and the implementation of the Alpine Convention Soil Conservation Protocol. The AlpSP induces soil management networking and helps to overcome knowledge gaps, as it links cross-sectoral Alpine soil stakeholders, end-user needs and mitigates Ecosystem based Soil Services (EbSS) management gaps.