Soil Data & Soil Information


Scientists, planners and land managers, as well as administration and politicians on all levels need soil data to improve land use and soil management. But although plenty soil information exists in the Alpine Space, it is a challenge to find the required information depending on location, scale and issue.

The purpose of this section is to overcome this shortcoming by composing the available soil Information of the Alpine countries Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia.

The “Alpine Soil Web GIS” was elaborated within the Links4Soils project and allows the user to view spatial soil data or at least the extent of an existing dataset.

The “National Web GIS” contains a list of already existing national or regional Web GISs with the according to URL-links.

The “Geonetwork Node” was established in the project Links4Soils. It represents a common entry point of the spatial data infrastructure related to soil for Alpine region.