Soil Etiquette

Soil is essential for life on Eart, essential for plant growth and serves as a home for myriad organisms. Soil perform key ecosystem services that enable human well-being, ecosystem functioning and contribute to the biodiversity. Soil is essential for food and wood production, water storage and filtration, nutrient storage and regulation, surface runoff regulation, and many more.

Protecting soil is a fundamental priority for all. Many initiatives worldwide are encouraging soil conservation practices that protect the loss of this vital legacy.

Our contribution to soil protection, in the Links4Soils project, is a leaflet with guidelines – dedicated to all “users” in order to raise awareness on soil protection in our every day.



Soils are relevant in many different sectors of decision-making and governing: Agriculture, Forestry, Natural hazard management, Nature protection and biodiversity, Tourism, Spatial planning and urban environment.

Links4Soils collected, developed and visualised guidelines for sustainable soil management.


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