May 2022

Updates of the Alpine Convention

Caretaker of the Month: Soil Protection

“Soil” was the Climate Action Plan 2.0 implementation pathway chosen for the Alpine Climate Board’s “Caretaker of the Month” back in December. Read where the Caretaker for Soil Robert Traidl’s fascination for Alpine soils comes from and why soils are so important for the climate.

Long-term action needed for soil protection in the Alps

Since results in the field of soil protection need endurance and continuous efforts, long-term strategies for relevant cooperation partners are necessary. Successful first steps are important and long-term approaches are required for core aspects of soil protection. Thus, the Soil Protection Working Group of the Alpine Convention is currently developing the Long-Term Action Plan for the implementation of provisions and declarations on soil protection in the specific context of the Alpine region. Stay tuned for this document, which will have relevance for you and will be accessible here after the XVII Alpine Conference in autumn.

LUCAS soil survey 2022 started
The Europe-wide LUCAS soil survey 2022 has recently started the soil sampling phase in the field. During the preparatory seminar for the coordinators of the soil survey in February, specific challenges occurring during sampling soils in mountainous terrain were presented from the Alps.
What role can soil functions play in spatial planning processes?

Land take and soil protection as well as the role of soil functions in spatial planning were the two main topics discussed by participants from the Alpine countries during a two-day cross-sectoral workshop in Munich on 29 and 30 March. Jointly organised by the Alpine Convention Working Groups on Soil Protection as well as Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, with the support of the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and the Alpine Soil Partnership, the workshop showed that such cooperation between disciplines is fruitful, necessary, and should therefore be intensified. Read more about the workshop here.

Map of the Month

The Alpine Convention’s new “Map of the Month” campaign showcases the new Atlas (GIS) tool which allows you to explore, create, and share maps of the Alps. The Atlas contains a wide range of Alpine data such as “Land use based on Corine Land Cover”.

Every month, a new map will be published on social media to highlight a topic the Alpine Convention deals with.

Alpine Convention film

The precious ground beneath our feet form the backdrop for the new Alpine Convention film, which aims to capture the essence of the Convention through beautiful and captivating scenery and a symphonic soundtrack composed specially for the video.