5th-6th Oct 2023

Climate Change Adaptation & Soil Protection: An excursion for local decision-makers

There are many ways to design public spaces in a participatory and climate-friendly way.
For the third time, an excursion as part of the Alpine Soil and Landscape Course project allowed the participants to look beyond Tyrol. After trips to Trentino and Bavaria, this time the route led to Vorarlberg. It was no coincidence that the destination for this excursion was the westernmost federal state. Participatory processes are an essential part of design in the country.

Thematic focus of the two-day educational trip: adaptations to climate change. These have been on everyone’s lips since the Paris Agreement in 2015 at the latest. But how can we design climate-friendly rooms? What are successful examples of interior design? How do participatory processes get rolling that enhance spaces ecologically and socially? And how will the resulting plans for climate protection, climate change adaptation and improved quality of life be implemented?

13 implementers of good practice examples – from playgrounds to climate-fit settlement centers to regional landscape development – reflected together with the group on what it takes to design good climate-fit spaces. A constant warning companion to the excursion: the temperatures, which are far too high for the beginning of October – seamlessly following on from the warmest September ever recorded in Austria and large parts of Europe.

Further summary of the contents and the results can be found here.