The Alpine Convention




The Alpine Convention is an international treaty between the Alpine Countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia and Switzerland) as well as the EU, for the sustainable development and protection of the Alps.

The Convention is a framework that sets out the basic principles of all the activities of the Alpine Convention and contains general measures for the sustainable development in the Alpine region. It entered into force on March 1995.

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Article 1: Scope
Article 2: General obligations

d. soil conservation the objective is to reduce quantitative and qualitative soil damage,
in particular by applying agricultural and forestry methods which do not harm the soil,
through minimum interference with soil and land, control of erosion and the restriction
of soil sealing,

Article 3: Research and systematic monitoring
Article 4: Legal, scientific, economic and technical cooperation
Article 5: Conference of Contracting Parties 
Article 6: Functions of the Conference
Article 7: Decisionmaking within the Conference
Article 8: Standing Committee
Article 9: Secretariat
Article 10: Amendments to the Convention
Article 11: Protocols and amendments thereto
Article 12: Signature and ratification
Article 13: Denunciation
Article 14: Notifications