Geonetwork node


Links4Soils geonetwork node is a common entry point of the spatial data infrastructure related to soil for Alpine region and was established in the project Links4Soils. It provides powerful metadata editing and search functions. It enables access to data sets and network services established for spatial data sets, as well as other services and information related with spatial data infrastructure.

The catalogue aims to improve the accessibility of the soil data. The public can access soil related information in one place via an online access point using modern and standard e-services. The main emphasis of the Links4Soils Geonetwork node is the inventory and collection of soil databases and access to them through various browsers and web servers.

For entering the Links4Soils Geonetwork node click HERE.

If you need help, the video below contains some short instructions on how to use the Links4Soils Geonetwork Node.