Towards Best Soil Management Practices in the Alps


Sustainable Cross-Sectoral Soil Management:

IT-SI case studies on joining mountain agriculture, tourism, water quality (will) focus on soil protection activities on mountain pastures / ski areas and assess soil properties, geomorphology and natural hazards. Soil data (will) interpreted and made applicable for an improved management of dual mountain sites (e.g. ski slopes). Results are transferred into management plans and discussed with e.g. ski-area managers (observers).

Transferring Soil Case Study Results to Management Plans: Transnational Exchange on Best Practice Solutions

The overarching best practice soil management solutions and results (will be) transferred into local and regional management / land use plans in order to enhance soil protection measures and the capacity of involved cross-sectoral stakeholders. Case study results (will be) exchanged and discussed in addition to the transnational thematic exchange event.