Soil Glossary


The Links4Soil team is building the Alpine Soil Glossary. Most important soil-related terms will be listed in the table below for all Alpine national languages. Paper version publication will also be prepared.

You are cordially invited to contribute to Soil Glossary by suggesting a term, adding explanation or improved translation by sending it to Many thanks in advance! All contributions in the Soil Glossary will be given credits in the final electronic publication.


Scroll through the table or use Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) to search for the term of your interest. The short definition of the terms in the table below is displayed when hovering a mouse cursor over the word.

Deutsch Français Italiano Slovenščina English
Boden sol suolo tla soil
Erde terre, sol terra prst soil, dirt, fine earth
Bodenkunde science du sol scienza del suolo pedologija soil science

<In preparation>

Editors: Clemens Geitner (AT),  Michele Freppaz (IT), Thomas Spiegelberger (FR), Borut Vrščaj (SI). Technical editor: Jože Hladnik (SI)