Linking Alpine Soil Knowledge for Sustainable Ecosystem Management and Capacity BuildingLinks4Soils



to collect the Alpine soil information and support sustainable soil management and protection

The page is under construction.

It will be available by the September 2017.

You are invited to visit the Platform to:

  • Benefit from the Links4Soils project outputs and collect project updates
  • Take part in the Alpine Soil Partnership
  • Collect information on soil data accessibility and download available soil data
  • Find contact information of Alpine soil experts and learn ‘who is who’
  • Seek for assistance and expertise on soil management
  • Review sustainable soil management guidelines and best practices for protection of the Alpine soils
  • And discover more about the importance of soils, soil ecosystem services and environment.

The Platform is part of the Interreg Alpine Space project Links4Soils and summarises the main project outputs for end-users.

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